logo:Netzwerk Automobilzulieferer Kunststofftechnik Sachsen
The network of automotive plastics technology vendors in Saxony (AMZK) is an open network. Companies, research and development offices and service providers from the plastics and rubber processing, tools making, mechanical engineering and material production may join this network. This network co-operates closely with the joint automotive vendors of Saxony 2005 initiative and performs the technology-specific tasks of the joint initiative (AMZ Plastics Technology Study Group). Most of the AMZK-members are embedded in the CarNet Saxony internet presentation of Saxony 2005 initiative too. The AMZK focus is on Saxony, however, vital co-operation partners of other regions may also join us. The members of the network are always represented by their managing directors or authorized signatories.

The network wants to improve the competitiveness of the Saxon automotive vendors in the field of plastics technology by
• Better communication among the Saxon vendors themselves,
• Better conditions for internal co-operation,
• Joint market representation focused to car makers and system vendors,
• Joint marketing at trade shows and events,
• Internet platform for all the network members,
• Permanent exhibition of innovative network partner products,
• Better co-operation of SME and R&D offices,
• More intense technology transfer,
• Joint and subsidized development and rationalization projects,
• Support in the development and commercial use of products,
• Targeted training and staff qualification,
• Maintaining existing and creating new jobs.
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