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Selectrona GmbH
    Enterprise Data
Selectrona GmbH
Industriering 19+21
01744 Dippoldiswalde-Reinholdshain

  • Werner Hainke
  • Manfred Müller

Tel: 0 35 04 / 69 44 0
Fax: 0 35 04 / 69 44 340
Internet: www.selectrona.com/
e-mail: info@selectrona.com

Annual sales (EUR): 63 Mio.
Number of employees: 450

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   Automotive Innovations

The focus of the in 1992 founded company Slectrona GmbH is the production of technical precision plastic parts and components. Especially overmoulding of metal contacts and assembly of electrical components. Additional value-creating areas are also the product and process development, tool shop (injection mould, punching and bending tools) and the automation technology.

2013 the company Selectrona s.r.o. in Konstany, Czech Republic was founded. Another location is planned to get built in Vietnam.

Selectrona products are especially common in the automotive industry (Trier 1 and OEM) in the areas of inter alia engine management, sensor systems, control and steering systems as well as in e-mobility and regenerative or decentralized energy generation and storage.

In a world of increasingly complex products nothing can be left out. On the contrary.

From development cycle to development cycle products need to offer more features and offer higher requirements. We have mastered this complexity here at Selectrona.

We turn 1 plus 1 into more than 2.

  • fill and motion simulation places
  • 27 CAD-workstations
  • CNC-machining centre
  • laser marking/laser welding
  • conventional tooling machines
  • injection moulding machines (closing force 35 - 350t)
  • horizontal and vertical machines
  • high speed presses (pressing force 30 - 80 t)
  • seperation presses
  • fully automated production lines

  • overmoulding (terminals and leadframes)
  • moulding (1/2/3K)
  • r-welding
  • US-welding
  • readial riveting
  • marking (laser, tampon)
  • soldering
  • potting
  • assmebly
  • seperating while moulding
  • stamping, bending and seperating

  • sensor housing
  • electronic throttle position sensor (cover with sensors)
  • gearbox control
  • LED contact holders
  • light range regulator (housing with gearbox)
  • bond frames (part of control system for electrical steering)

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